Compressor System Maintenance

Questions about compressor system maintenance

Q: What kind of maintenance should be done to my compressor?

A: On oil-lubricated units, you should check the oil level regularly and change it as specified in the owner’s manual. Also, change the oil filter as the manufacturer suggests. Clean or replace the air filter on a regular basis. On oil-less units, the air filter must be kept clean or debris will enter the compression chamber, resulting in high repair costs. Remember to drain condensate from the tank regularly.

Q: What are the main areas of a compressor package that need maintenance?

A: Compressor, heat exchanger surfaces, air lubricant separators, lubricant, lubricant filters and the air inlet filter.

Q: How can I tell if my drain valves are operating properly?

A: Routinely inspect condensate drains. Improper operation will exhaust compressed air to ambient or flood compressed air system with liquid water and oil. Clear tubing is recommended between electric drain and condensate collection point – a transparent tube provides easy inspection of drain operation.

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