Let’s see if you’re paying attention.  The answers to these five questions can be found in recent blog posts. Are you keeping up?

  Questions here. Answers below.

Q1 Rotary screw compressors mix oil with intake air, and then separates the two. Where does the separated oil go?

Q2  You find an oil leak in your system. What’s the best way to make tracking it down easier?

Q3  True or false. Small leaks in your system, no matter where they are located, are no big deal. 

Q4  You’ve discovered moisture in your system, downstream of the compressor.  What are your options?

Q5  What is part of your air compressor system that requires the least maintenance?

A1  The separated oil in a rotary screw compressor collects at the bottom of the separator tank.

A2  Clean your compressor regularly.  Having a clean compressor from the start will greatly assist you in finding any leaks or other issues. This includes filters, and the interior and exterior of the unit- especially if you work in a particularly gritty, dirty area.

A3 FALSE. We can’t emphasize this one enough.  Even a small leak, over time, can result in thousands of dollars in loss. Check regularly for leaks and fix them when you find them.

A4 Consider adding a refrigerant or desiccant dryer to your system. Also, pay attention to the air and the dew point of the air your compressor is taking in.

A5 The tank. They don’t even need to be cleaned. Periodically release the air, inspect the valves and gauges and your tank will continue to do its thing without you.

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