3 Things to Help Troubleshoot an Air Compressor

As with any mechanical system, your air compressor is subject to occasional hiccups- problems not quite big enough to shut the system down, but not small enough that you can afford to ignore them.

Here are three trouble-some issues that could pop up in your system that will need to be addressed.

  1. Decreased pressure- Your facility needs a certain amount of pressure to operate and if your compressor suddenly drops below that number, that could cost you in productivity. If your system suddenly loses pressure, it could be caused by a leak somewhere down the line. Inspect your plane lines and connections for leaks and repair when appropriate. You may need to call us and have us take a look around.

A drop in pressure could also be caused by a plug or clog somewhere in a filter or separator. Inspector all those elements and make sure their passageways are clear.

2. Excessive lubricant- Your compressor is going through lubricant like there’s no tomorrow. This could be caused by high operating temperatures (which will need to be brought under control) or a clogged line. Check your entire system for blockages and clogs and clean and clear when necessary. If your temperatures are soaring, clean your coolers and inspect any temperature control equipment.  If these steps don’t solve the problem, bring in the ACS experts.

3. Compressed air is hot- Your lubricant may be low. Inspect and add oil and other lubricants if necessary. Take a look at your oil filters and make sure they are not clogged, replace them if necessary.

Any one of these problems could potentially be serviced by your own technicians but if the issues persist or your techs are stumped, let our experts take a look.  Give us a call at (866) 413-8077 and we’ll inspect your system, fix the trouble spots and ensure you are up and running in perfect condition in no time.

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