4 Common Questions About Air Compressors

Periodically, we like to answer common questions we get from our clients- who sometimes think they can stump our experts. Some questions are easier than others.

Q: What is the difference between “stop-start” and “constant run” and which is better?

A: That’s two questions but we’ll allow it. A “stop-start” compressor is equipped with a switch that turns the machine off and on. A “constant run” air compressor simply means the motor and continuously supplies the facility with compressed air. The “which is better: questions depends on your use. Industrial operations requiring consistent compressed air will operate on a “constant run” compressor. Typically, smaller electric compressors are “start-stop.”

 Q: How often does the oil need to be changed?

A: Like your car, your compressor oil will need to be changed at regular intervals. In a typical rotary screw compressor, a change of oil should take place at roughly 7000 – 8000 hours. For a reciprocating compressor, change the oil every three months. As always, check with your manufacturer for more detailed instructions.

Q: What about filters? How often do they need to be cleaned or changed?

A: Clean them weekly, depending on the degree of dirt and grunge in your facility.  Cleaner plants may require less frequent cleanings. Replace the filter when you notice it’s harder to clean or when there are tears or holes in the filter.

Q: Can I run my electric compressor on a generator?

A: You can, but the bigger question is “should I?” With a properly-sized generator your compressor should be able to operate but the thing to remember is that generators tend to fluctuate and can provide an uneven flow of power. A compressor needs consistent power to run efficiently.

We love to be challenged, hit us up with your questions any time and we’ll take a swing at your biggest problems.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your compressor needs at (866) 413-8077.

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