A few of our FAQs

faqWe get questions from our clients and potential clients, and while many of them have very specific needs and questions that only apply to them, some of the things we get asked are similar from client to client. If only there was a convenient three-letter acronym for that.

Q: Does Air Components Systems install the compressors you sell?

A: You bet we do. We’re a full-service shop offering sales support, installation, and repair for compressors, dryers and related equipment. We’ve installed compressors all over the Southeast and have a long list of satisfied customers.

Q: What warranties do your compressors carry?

A:  Warranties depend on what type and size compressor you purchase and of course if any per-existing service agreement is included or purchased.  All our rotary screw compressors come with a standard 1-year factory warranty that can be extended to 5 years (and even 10 years on the air-end) with various service plans.

He probably will do this anyway- but as you are making your compressor purchase, make sure you ask your sales person to explain exactly what is covered in each plan.

Q: IS my dryer working properly?

A: If you’re paying attention at all, you know moisture is the enemy of your air compressor. Water and even vapor can cause all kinds of problems inside your compressor, and your facility if it remains unchecked.

It is not easy to tell if a dryer is functioning properly unless there is an unusual amount of water in the system and your compressor starts acting strange.

Your best option if you think something is wrong with your compressor is to listen to it closely. It should sound just about the some every day, and if suddenly one day it sounds different, you may have an issue worth checking out.

Call our factory-trained service technicians and we’ll make a house-call to check out your compressor and your system.  Our guys have seen everything and can chase down whatever is ailing your system in no time at all.

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Randy Lawson

Randy has an extensive background in this industry. He can handle all of your compressor questions - from 5hp to 500hp!