Air Compressor Accessories

accessorizing-2This may be the first time “Steel Magnolias” has been mentioned in an industrial blog but wasn’t it Shirley MacLaine who said “The thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” There are more than a few ways to accessorize your air compressor!

Generally speaking, accessories are put in place to improve the quality of the air going in to your plant and your products.  Your unit has a filter of its own but additional gear may be needed to elevate the quality of air depending on what your needs are.

Dryers cool the air to remove moisture. As we’ve established, moisture and your air compressor do not get along and a refrigerated air dryer will reduce your compressed air temps to 38 degrees Fahrenheit which will eliminate most of the moisture.

If you need totally dry compressed air, a desiccant dryer may be in order.  These can cool the air to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -100 degrees. This will eliminate that little moisture problem.

In-line filters can weed out contaminants that your built-in filter may not catch. In particularly gritty environments a High Efficiency In-Line filter can remove the tiniest of particles, and oil vapor and dust gets trapped in Activated Carbon filters.

If your compressed air needs call for volume over quality- consider a Receiver Tank.  These tanks store compressed air so you always have a supply even when your consumption outpaces the production of air, preventing you from experiencing downtime while your tank-less compressor catches up.

As for parts- our compressed air experts highly recommend you have a few extra filters hoses and valves on hand.  Most of these can likely be replaced by your own technicians, and they can help get your plant up and running again until an Air Components Factory Trained Technician can get to you.

It’s entirely possible that a straight-out-of-the-factory air compressor will serve your needs- but if it doesn’t, contact us. We can help you accessorize your air compressor.

About Brad Bost

Brad Bost

Brad Bost has several years experience in the Compressor industry with Air Components. To expand his knowledge and help his customers even more, Brad has been through rotary and parts training with Ingersoll Rand. As an account manager, he makes sure customers compressed air system works as efficiently as possible through understanding utilization of their compressed air and conducting audits.If you have more questions or would like to work with Brad, you can reach him at