Air Compressor Myths

We get a lot of the same questions from our clients, and the truth is there are a lot of bad practices and bad information out there surrounding industrial air compressors.

Let’s put some of that bad information to rest starting here:

Don’t use compressed air to clean dust and dirt from your work space.

You’re going to be compelled, at the end of a workday, to use your compressed air outlet to quickly and easily blow the grit off your workspace.  Don’t.  First of all, all this really does is push the dust and dirt to other areas. That’s not the same as “cleaning.”

It also blows all that grit into vents and electrical outlets and nearby equipment, making them dirty.  You’re creating another problem.

Then there’s the safety factor. You’re moving all this dirt around at high speeds and it can get into a lot of places you might not expect. Like your eyeball.

Aftermarket replacement parts are NOT as good as OEM parts sold by the manufacturer.

Off-brand aftermarket parts cannot possibly be the same. They’re not made by the people who built your air compressor with that specific air compressor in mind. Furthermore, replacing parts with knock-off parts can void your warranty.  So, any money you might save by purchasing an after-market part goes out the window once that part fails.  So think very carefully about how you replace parts, and talk with our guys before you do something that’s going to cost you a lot of money.

Do not store your air compressor in the same room as the HVAC system.

Your air compressor is fundamentally not the same as your HVAC system, even though technically both send out air.  Don’t get them confused.

Your HVAC system can cause wild fluctuations in the room temperature and that can cause trouble for your air compressor.  Your compressor needs a consistent temperature, and high temps can cause moisture to accumulate and we’ve written thousands of words about how much damage water can do to your system.

Ideally, put your compressor in its own environment with access to plenty of air.  If you can control the temperature in that room (keep it cool), even better.

We love your questions.  Keep them coming.  Contact us with anything you need to know, our experts can handle whatever you throw at them.

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