Air Compressor Operating Temperature

As children, we were told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You remember – too hot… too cold… just right? Well, Goldilocks was on to something, because there is a ‘just right’ operating temperature for your air compressor system, just like there was for the porridge.

Operating temperature is important because it helps determine how your system will operate on any given day. Fluctuating temperatures – for example, if your system is housed outdoors – can greatly affect the performance of your compressor.

Remember, colder air actually helps your compressor perform at its best. Cold air is dryer, and moisture – as we’ve established repeatedly in this blog – is the enemy.

So, what is the correct operating temperature?

Somewhere between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

While cold air is optimal, you want to avoid the actual freezing point if at all possible, so keeping the operating temperature of your air compressor system at 50 degrees or above ensures some wiggle room before you hit 32 degrees. Keep in mind, however, that any moisture that may in in your air could freeze and cause trouble.  In addition, oil thickens as the mercury drops – so just to be safe, stick to 50 degrees and above.

As far as extreme heat goes, most rotary screw compressors are built to operate up to 105 degrees but be aware that the cooler of that compressor must be perfectly clean and synthetic oil is mandatory. Miss one of those requirements and your compressor will likely shut down.

With most compressed air dryers built for a maximum 100-degree ambient temperature with a 15-degree variance – that leaves us with the maximum temperature of 85 degrees.

So the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ temperature for your compressor system is anywhere between 50 and 85 degrees.

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