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At the very end of every one of these blog entries, we ask you to bring your questions to our experts- and you absolutely do your part.  We’re dipping into the ACS Mailbag for this entry.

Q: What pipe is necessary to minimize pressure loss in a facility?

A:  Generally, you can count on losing about 1 PSI per 100 feet of pipe, if your system is calibrated to 100 PSI- which is high for most industrial uses.  We have a chart that does the math for you, and you can find it here: Or, our techs can do the math for you, too. It’s what they do.

Q: What’s the easiest way to determine if my air compressor is running properly?

A: It doesn’t get any easier than this.  You know how you can just tell if your car has a problem by listening, or feeling it?  It’s the same with air compressors, particularly if yours runs a lot.  If it’s having an issue, it just sounds different.  You’ll know it when you hear it, and when you do don’t try to troubleshoot it yourself- give our guys a call.  We’ll take a listen and dig into the trouble in no time at all.

Q: What are the OSHA rules for compressed air in the workplace?

A: OSHA has some very definite opinions about compressed air and they’re not afraid to share them.  Of course you can find all the regulations at, but the bottom line is- use your head. Don’t use compressed air to clean your own clothing and don’t EVER aim compressed air at another human being. Don’t use compressed air over 30 PSI to clean your workspace, either.  Just don’t.

Got any more questions? Want to try to stump our experts?  Give us a shout and we’ll take a swing at your toughest questions.

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