Is Your Air Compressor in the Right Spot?

Your air compressor is the heart of the manufacturing facility.

If you do not have compressed air, other equipment will not run thus production will come to a halt.  

One of the largest and most important investments your company makes is the air compressor.

These statements are true for most every manufacturing facility in existence.  So why do we not take more consideration in the placement of the air compressor?

Placing the air compressor in a clean environment can positively affect the following:

  1. Longevity of the system
  2. Frequency of needed preventative maintenance
  3. Cleanliness of the compressed air produced
  4. Plant production/warehouse efficiency
  5. Less repair and maintenance costs over the life of the compressor

Dirty in-take air is the enemy of any air compressor.  Minimizing the amount of dirty in-take air will allow your air compressor to run cooler and breathe easier.  In-take filters and after-coolers clogged with dust and debris will cause the compressor to run hot which in turn shortens the life of the coolant.  A properly ventilated compressor room will allow for the in-take of good clean air.

A water source in the compressor room will also aide in maintaining your air compressor.  Make sure you place the air compressor in an area that gives the service technician access to a water source for cleaning the coolers – something to be done annually – to save on time and labor.  This will allow the compressor to run cooler and produce cooler air to your air drying equipment and plant.  A cooled, running air compressor will also extend the life of your coolant.

Keep the floors clean and dry, while also being environmentally friendly, with sanitary drains.  Compressor rooms with sanitary drains allow the condensate produced by the air compressor to be discharged in a safe, sanitary manor.  Air compressors produce large amounts of condensate, especially in the summer months.  Dispersing the condensate into a proper oil/water separator then to a sanitary drain is better for the environmental and will keep the floors of your compressor room free of moisture.


About Brad Bost

Brad Bost

Brad Bost has several years experience in the Compressor industry with Air Components. To expand his knowledge and help his customers even more, Brad has been through rotary and parts training with Ingersoll Rand. As an account manager, he makes sure customers compressed air system works as efficiently as possible through understanding utilization of their compressed air and conducting audits.If you have more questions or would like to work with Brad, you can reach him at