Why did my air compressor shut down?

You rely on your air compressor and if there’s trouble it could cost you money. So it’s important that you get your compressor up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of some sort of failure.

So, let’s look at what may cause a shutdown, and what you can do to get back in operation ASAP.

Your compressor has a display screen that will likely pinpoint the issue and allow you to troubleshoot the problem.

“HIGH AIREND TEMP” –  If you installed your compressor in a poorly-ventilated area your compressor is likely overheating. Make sure you ventilate the room and make sure your cooling fan is running.  Check your coolant and refill if necessary, and clean the coolant core.

“HIGH AIR PRESS” – Your blowdown valve, or the minimum pressure check valve is either restricted or malfunctioning.

“LOW SUMP PRESS” – You have a leak in the tank or in the blowdown piping.

“PRES SENSOR FAIL or TEMP SENSOR FAIL” – Your pressure sensor or temperature sensors are malfunctioning, but also check the wires connecting these items.

“CK MOTOR” – Interchange any two-line connections at the starter.

“MAIN MTR OVERLOAD” – Check your compressor for loose wires. Check your supply voltage and your heater size.

“FAN MTR OVERLOAD” – Check for loose wires. Check your supply voltage.  Your fan motor overload breaker may have tripped.  Check and clean your cooler cores.

“STARTER FAULT” – Check your starter contacts and check for loose wires.

Even easier than checking the display screen?  Make sure your compressor remains cooled and is in a properly ventilated room.  High temperatures and air compressors do not see eye-to-eye and anything you can do to keep it cool is the right thing.


As always, if your room is properly cooled and none of the above troubleshooting measures got you up and running again, call us and one of our technicians will get you up and running- and remember- we’re available for emergencies 24/7!

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