Air Compressor System Design

As you consider the design of your air compressor system for your facility, here are a few things you might not think of to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your plant:

QUICK COUPLING CONNECTORS:  Use these sparingly. Quick coupling devices should only be implemented when quick disconnecting of hand tools or paint guns is necessary. Connections to machines that are hard mounted or that just don’t move should always be made directly with hoses. In addition, quick coupling can generate a considerable amount of pressure drop, and they can be costly.

LIMIT ELBOWS: As much as you can, keep your piping paths straight. Each elbow put into service can drop your pressure up to the equivalent of 10 feet of pipe, depending on where it falls in your design and the size of the elbow.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOUR SYSTEM?  As you are just designing it now, it may seem too soon to plan for the future, but it’s not. Will your facility expand?  Will you need more compressed air? Plan for upgrades now as it will cost you much more and be disruptive to your service to try to retrofit your system for a future upgrade. Install your new system with an eye towards the future.

LEAKAGE:  Put an end to leakage as soon as you possibly can. No system can be 100% leak-proof, but you can come really close through diligent planning and monitoring of your system and how it is laid out. Test regularly.

KEEP IT UP:  Low points in your system can accumulate moisture and other debris, so keeping an eye on the elevation of every element of your system is important.  Make sure you position drains where you can, and if you have to have these low points, monitor them regularly. Accumulated moisture and gunk can restrict the flow of air and cost you money.

If you are designing a new system, there are many things to consider.  Our experts do this on the regular and can help you avoid some of the more obvious (and not so obvious) pitfalls of system design.  Call us at (866) 413-8077 when you’re laying out your new system.

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