Air Compressor Ventilation

There are a number of reasons you want to make sure your air compressor is in a properly ventilated area.

Obviously, safety comes first.  Some compressors can produce potentially hazardous fumes and run at high temperatures. Ensuring proper ventilation can eliminate the dangers associated with these concerns.

However, there are other reasons – and other things – to carefully consider surrounding the ventilation in your compressor’s home.

Take a look at where the room’s ventilation openings are. For the sake of the system, the air taken in from outdoors should be impacted as little as possible by the weather.  Weather-protected openings installed on the lower half of the room will prevent the inside getting affected by what is happening outside. Also, and this is important, make sure the openings are not in a wall that directly faces the sun.

Ventilation can protect your system from dust and other contaminants. Ventilation that also takes air out of the room that houses your system can keep your compressor running cleanly and efficiently. If necessary, install ‘dust traps’ in your vents.

The size of your compressor has an impact on how large your vents should be. A proper ventilation system includes bird screens, flaps, and filters. Keep in mind that these louvres, filters and screens actually recuse the size of a ventilation opening. Compensate for these when you determine how large your openings will be.

If you are running multiple systems in the same room, a controlled ventilation system may be in order to maintain proper operating temperatures. The size and number of openings you will need is determined by the number, type and size of compressor you are running.

Water-cooled compressors actually radiate a considerable amount of heat, so they must be ventilated and cooled properly as well.

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