Answers to Your Compressor Questions

We ask you repeatedly for questions and you never fail to respond.

Here’s another list of the questions we see most often, and of course the answers.

Q: Why is my air compressor overheating?

A: Check your oil level. Add if you find that you need to. If that doesn’t bring your operating temperature down and you can determine the temperature in the room isn’t too high, there may be something obstructing the air or water flow in the system, and confirm that the compressor and the room is appropriately ventilated.

Q: My dryer isn’t eliminating all the water in my system.  Help?

A: Check your drain traps and make sure they are clear. Manually drain the tank. Adding a moisture separator in the air line can help if the problem persists. Finally, if you still have water in your system, have your dryer either serviced or replaced.

Q: My pneumatic tools cause a drop in pressure to the entire system.  What’s causing that?

A: This is a complicated question because there are potentially several causes. First, check for leaks system-wide.  Check connections at valves and joints. Contact our technicians, too – there is a chance that your piping is too narrow for the amount of air you’re pushing through, or the amount of air your facility is using. Finally, you may have a clog somewhere in the system, or your filters need cleaning or replacing.

This is an issue where you may just want to contact our technicians.

Q:  Can I buy a compressor now and add a dryer later?

A: Yes, although we strongly recommend implementation of a dryer in your compressor system immediately, due to the amount of damage moisture can do to your system in a short amount of time.

Keep firing questions at us, we live this stuff and can help you solve just about any problem that may come up, call us at (866) 413-8077.

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