One of our Charlotte Account Representatives, Brad Bost, discusses different installation considerations – not one compressor system install is the same! Contact our sales department if you would like more information on air compressor installation at (866) 413-8077.

Occasionally, as knowledgeable and professional as our own technicians are, an installation project comes along that is big enough to require a consultation. In these rare instances, ACS will partner with an engineering firm or other consultants to ensure the job is done correctly. Typically, the company building a new facility will hire an engineering […]

You’ve identified a need.  Your current air compressor system isn’t getting the job done and you need a new one. Coincidentally, this is what we do best. Many of our new customers have questions about the process and often those questions start with “what do I do now?”  Once you call us it sets a […]

When Henry Ford began selling the Model T in 1908, it was pretty basic, as you might imagine- and it came in one color.  Black.  Henry Ford was quoted in a meeting as saying “Any customer can have a car painted in any color he wants, so long as it is black.” Since then, customers […]

We see them all the time.  Leaks in your compressor system end up costing more money and waste more energy than you think.  Leak studies can be done to find the problems and fix them in a timely manner.

In most cases, air compressors hum along without a worry.  Sometimes, air pressure in your unit can fluctuate and if that happens there can be a number of causes. The most common cause of pressure fluctuation is a leak somewhere in the system- but other things can contribute to pressure variations as well. Ask yourself […]

This may be the first time “Steel Magnolias” has been mentioned in an industrial blog but wasn’t it Shirley MacLaine who said “The thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” There are more than a few ways to accessorize your air compressor! Generally speaking, accessories are put in place to […]

Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Fall Sundays and football. Some things just go together seamlessly. Add to the list: compressed air systems and tanks. You can’t have one without the other. “If you have a compressed air system,” says Brad Bost, Air Components and Systems Account Representative, “you need a compressed air receiver […]

Your air compressor is the heart of the manufacturing facility. If you do not have compressed air, other equipment will not run thus production will come to a halt.   One of the largest and most important investments your company makes is the air compressor. These statements are true for most every manufacturing facility in […]

The time has come to think about replacing your current compressed air system and you want to make sure you purchase the system that is right for your application, one that will get the job done. You also know that compressed air systems can be expensive to operate if not sized correctly, after all air […]