Moisture. It’s an important enough topic when it comes to your air compressor that we have devoted several columns to it.  Water can cause all kinds of trouble and we just can’t emphasize it enough. Air compressors, besides compressing air and keeping your operation running, do two things really well.  They produce heat, and water. […]

Stuff happens.  It’s one of life’s unbreakable rules.  Stuff also tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient. So when something does happen to your air compressor- and even the compressors that have been meticulously maintained sometimes break down- you’ll need to be prepared. We’ve discussed the need for a backup compressor but if you’re still […]

Companies expand and rebuild all of the time, they outgrow or wear out their existing reciprocating air compressors.  In researching a replacement they often ask if a rotary compressor is the right solution. There are several things to consider if your company is in this situation. First, what is the application? Rotaries are generally better […]

You want to breathe clean air, right? So does your equipment. That’s why your air compressor is such a valuable part of your workplace. The importance of clean air can’t be overstated. Contaminated compressed air in your system can cause all types of problems from premature wear and tear, to rust and corrosion and a […]

Very few compressed air systems run full load all of the time.  As an air compressor can typically be one of the largest electrical consumers in a facility, there are often considerable opportunities for energy savings with a variable speed air compressor.  While variable speed drives have decreased in cost over the last few years, […]

A customer can purchase the best air compressor, dryer and filters, but if not properly installed, they will not function well and will be a continuous source of problems.  The provided Operators and Maintenance manuals will detail specific installation requirements, these basics fall into three general categories:  electrical, cooling and ventilation, and mechanical. Electrical A […]