Acquiring an air compressor involves more than just the unit.  Something has to connect it throughout your facility, and no one does that better or more reliably than we do. The Ingersoll Rand SimplAir Piping System distributes compressed air (and more) throughout your facility reliably and economically.  Here’s how: The biggest difference isn’t in the […]

Take a look inside this Ingersoll Rand R55 air compressor with Michael McCulloh as he shows us what you see when you open the cabinet – and what function those parts serve.

Saving energy and money is on everyone’s mind, and when it comes to your compressed air system the best way to accomplish this may be a Variable Speed Compressor. These compressors offer a lot of value when it comes to energy efficiency because you can control how much air they produce based on your usage. […]

Plant engineers have a decision to make in choosing an air compressor system for your facility- Oil-Free vs. Contact Cooled. The basis for that decision is actually simple- what air quality does your application call for? Let’s look at both options, and decide from there. Oil-Free just means the compression area will have zero oil […]

Under proper maintenance and in a perfect world, your air compressor will last a good long time, but since the world we live in is far from perfect, stuff happens and occasionally your air compressor will develop an issue. So, what can YOU do if your compressor malfunctions? The umbrella statement over this entire post […]

Compressor systems use a lot of energy.  There are several pieces associated with energy consumption: System Demand – this can change due to shift changes or production processes Type of Compressor Controls – the most efficient is variable speed, runner up is online/offline (load/unload), capacity control, and lastly is modulation control Dryers – refrigerated, blower […]

I get asked all the time “How Much Storage Do I Need for My System”.   The answer is simple, “Too much is never enough” – when it comes to compressed air systems and good efficient operation you can‘t hurt yourself with air storage, but let‘s look at things from a practical standpoint. Air Systems are […]

Compressed air systems in general terms can be very inefficient because of the ever changing demand within a compressed air system.  Therefore, air systems provide some great potential energy savings for facilities looking to reduce operating cost and increase profitability. Let‘s consider that the DOE (Department of Energy) estimates that compressed air systems have a […]