We’ve established, repeatedly, the importance of dry air in your air compressor system. We’ve also established, the role of the dryer in the air compression process. A dryer can protect your tools and machinery from moisture and rust, and protect the piping that moves the air around your facility. If you’re serious about eliminating moisture […]

If you want your compressed air system to have good quality, dry air, then think about getting an air dryer.  With all your options, picking out the proper air dryer can be a bit confusing.  Mike Statile explains the basics here, but feel free to contact us or your local representative with any questions.

The air you breathe in is clean (hopefully) but the fact is the air in your workplace may be filled with all kinds of stuff, from dust to dirt and grime to moisture.  None of those things are particularly good for your air compressor, so at some point in the process they need to be […]

Once you identify the need for an air compressor, your job isn’t done.  You must identify how much air you need, and this gets a little tricky- and just a heads up: there’s math involved. Chances are your compressed air requirements are significant, or you wouldn’t be here.  DIY-ers will use small amounts of air […]

You’ve identified your facility’s need for compressed air, or at least a new compressor system, and it’s time to think about where you are going to install it. It’s not as simple as plopping it down in a room, there is a lot to consider before you install your air compressor. Work closely with your […]

An explanation… Moisture is always present in the atmosphere.  As compressed air cools past the saturation point, water vapor will condense into liquid water.  Think of your compressor as a rain maker.  The problem with that is moisture in your compressor system can cause damage to your equipment and that means slower production at your […]

Think of an air compressor as a rainmaker.  When air is compressed it gets heated; when it is cooled, condensate forms and can ‘rain‘ down.  Condensate and moisture in your compressor system is not ideal. What components are required to handle condensate? The compressor‘s aftercooler can remove 60-70% of the moisture—beyond that the compressed air […]