Benefits of IntelliSurveys & Sizing an Air Compressor

The time has come to think about replacing your current compressed air system and you want to make sure you purchase the system that is right for your application, one that will get the job done. You also know that compressed air systems can be expensive to operate if not sized correctly, after all air is known as œThe Fourth Utility. Compressed air systems do get more expensive as the horsepower increases so we need to make sure we do not overpay for a system we do not need. How do we accomplish these objectives?

The IntelliSurvey is a compressed air system study that collects data on the performance of your system. It will show you accurate information on your systems pressure and flow which will allow you to right size your new comprIntelliSurvey benefitsessed air purchase. Simply put, the IntelliSurvey collects real world data so we do not have to guess and observe to choose the correct system.

The IntelliSurvey can do the following for your company:

  1. Accurate Sizing – information to purchase the compressed air system that will give you the correct amount of pressure and flow to meet your facility requirements.
  2. Reduce Energy Costs – the correct machine horsepower for your application and know if a variable speed drive compressor would benefit you.
  3. Capital Savings – purchasing the correct size compressor with the most desirable technology such as variable speed drive, fixed speed or modulation will save you upfront dollars.
  4. Increased Reliability – have a compressed air system that runs and rests when it should thus increasing the reliability and performance of the compressor.
  5. Increased Productivity – the compressed air system will produce saleable product and reduce scrap and re-work caused by air system problems.
  6. Assist with Future Expansion Planning – plan for expansion knowing you will have enough compressed air.
  7. Piece-of-Mind – You have done your research and the decision you have made for this investment is sound and rooted in facts not estimations.



About Brad Bost

Brad Bost

Brad Bost has several years experience in the Compressor industry with Air Components. To expand his knowledge and help his customers even more, Brad has been through rotary and parts training with Ingersoll Rand. As an account manager, he makes sure customers compressed air system works as efficiently as possible through understanding utilization of their compressed air and conducting audits.If you have more questions or would like to work with Brad, you can reach him at