Beware of Hose Whip

A lose pneumatic hose has the potential to not only cause a lot of damage, but also to seriously injure and even kill someone.

Hose whip is a commonly forgotten danger, but it’s something you absolutely want to be conscious of. When a compressed air line bursts, or a coupling breaks free on a working hose, the hose itself can become a wild, thrashing hazard that can cause major damage to anything in its path.  With a large tool attached, or if the hose has a large diameter, the potential of damage and injury is even greater.

Whiplash happens when the pressure exceeds the rating of the hose, the hose is suddenly cut or punctured, or when a coupling accidentally releases while the hose is under pressure.

The whip will continue to happen until the pressure is restricted.

There are things you can do to greatly reduce the chances of hose whip occurring. Compressed air safety “fuses” engage when an incident starts and reduced the flow of air into the hose, allowing the pressure to equalize and stop hose whip before it starts.

Compressed air shutoff valves are required by OSHA in hoses more than ½-inch in diameter. They are installed at the compressed air source, and are factory set to a specific pressure limit. If the pressure exceeds the limit, or the hose is compromised, the piston inside the valve immediately shuts off the flow of air.  Both the fuses and the valves reset themselves after they are “tripped.”

In addition to the internal fail-safe installations, hose safety “whip checks” are an added layer of precaution. These are, effectively, restraints that prohibit the hoses from whipping around in the event of an incident. OSHA requires the implementation of these restraints in facilities where high-pressure lines of more than ¾” in diameter are utilized, with the exception of an operation where automatic shutoff valves are employed.

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