As children, we were told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You remember – too hot… too cold… just right? Well, Goldilocks was on to something, because there is a ‘just right’ operating temperature for your air compressor system, just like there was for the porridge. Operating temperature is important because it helps […]

Your compressed air system is, almost literally, the life blood of your facility.  You operation depends on it and any unplanned downtime can be disastrous on many levels. We talked to your technicians and asked them to list five things you can do right now to help prevent an unplanned equipment failure. Take a Look […]

A lose pneumatic hose has the potential to not only cause a lot of damage, but also to seriously injure and even kill someone. Hose whip is a commonly forgotten danger, but it’s something you absolutely want to be conscious of. When a compressed air line bursts, or a coupling breaks free on a working […]

American companies are losing billions of dollars in lost energy due to wasted energy costs. This likely includes your company. New air compressor models do a tremendous job at increasing energy efficiency but still, only about 15% of the energy created by the compressor system is actually delivered as compressed air. The remaining energy is […]

There are a number of reasons you want to make sure your air compressor is in a properly ventilated area. Obviously, safety comes first.  Some compressors can produce potentially hazardous fumes and run at high temperatures. Ensuring proper ventilation can eliminate the dangers associated with these concerns. However, there are other reasons – and other […]

Like every piece of potentially dangerous equipment in your facility, your air compressor receiver must be regularly inspected for safety and operational concerns. Even though it just stands there, dutifully holding onto compressed air until it is needed, your compressor receiving tank has its own set of dangers.  For starters, it’s filled with compressed air […]

Can we talk for a minute or two about the best staff in the compressed air industry? Air Components and Systems is more than just a name.  It’s more than 30 years of demonstrated excellence in the compressed air industry, and more than 25 dedicated professionals who represent your needs from start to finish. Our […]

Consider your condensate drain.  It’s possibly the most overlooked element in your compressed air system, yet arguably among the top three most important parts of your compressed air system. Regardless of how much you have spent for your system, aa few dollars smore for an efficient, reliable drain can make or break your compressor. We […]

At its most basic, an air compressor is actually pretty simple. A main unit, some piping, and a tank and you’re in business. Of course, we know the system is a little more complicated than that, and you have the ability to accessorize your system based on the specific needs of your facility. Let’s start […]

Like any large piece of equipment, your facility’s air compressor requires some specific training- not just for those who work with it directly every day, but for those who regularly work near the unit itself or who work with the compressed air it produces. That’s why Air Components and Systems offers safety training for clients […]