Can I install my air compressor outside?

can-i-installmy-air-compressoroutsideThere are several reasons you may want to install or move your air compressor outside.  For each reason, there are a number of things you need to consider before you do that. Installing or moving your air compressor outdoors can save space, but there could be a cost.

As we’ve established, water is the biggest enemy of an air compressor.  While your compressor CAN be stored outside, you’ll want to cover it with some type of shelter.  You do NOT want it exposed to rain or snow. Period.

Extremely cold weather can be very hard on your compressor and cause it to fail and as we know, that costs you money. In  very cold environments, storing your unit indoors is almost a necessity.

If you live or work in a cold weather environment, for starters, do everything you can to install your air compressor indoors.  Winter weather is unforgiving.

If you must install your unit outdoors in a cold climate, it is highly recommended the unit live inside a shelter that is heated to a temperature above freezing. Your control valves, drains and lines must be kept from freezing.

Insulate the shelter if you can. Keep it warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Then there’s ventilation. Your compressor needs air from a clean, cool source.  The exhaust coming from the unit is hot and dirty and can’t get recycled back into the compressor. If you are storing your compressor outdoors, but in a room or a shelter make sure you are removing the exhaust or at least placing the unit where it is not pulling in its own exhaust.

There are some accessories you can augment your system with to make storing your unit outside a little easier; bigger filters, dryers, etc.  Check with your friendly neighborhood Air Components representative and we can help you through the process if you find you must install or move your air compressor outdoors.

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