To wrap up our celebrations was a company event at the National White Water Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  With so many courses and things to do, everyone was able to join in on the fun. See more pictures from this trip!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. March 10, 2015 – Air Components & Systems, Ltd., recently earned recognition as the top performer among national distributors of compressed air system equipment. Based on the company‘s 2014 performance, Air Components & Systems was selected as the Top North American Distributor for Ingersoll Rand‘s Compressed Air Systems and Services. The award was presented […]

We are proud to announce that Ingersoll Rand has named Air Components & Systems Top Distributor for 2014! We’ve got some exciting events planned to celebrate this award and want to thank all of our partners,customers and employees for helping us make this happen! Check out the trophy that made its way to our Charlotte […]

Themed Christmas tree. Check. Personalized ornaments. Check. Christmas cheer. Check!

The month of November is associated with being thankful and giving back to your local communities because of the great holiday, Thanksgiving.  For our Knoxville and Charlotte offices, we wanted to give thanks and give back to the communities that we have been a part of for over 30 years, so what better way than […]

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -September 19, 2014 – Air Components & Systems, LTD., a leading provider of industrial air compressor equipment, services and parts announced today the kickoff of its 30th anniversary celebration. Thirty years ago, Air Components & Systems was founded as an Ingersoll Rand Master Distributor serving areas in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia […]

Starting our 30th Anniversary celebrations was a walk in the park…Reedy Creek Park of Charlotte, that is. Check out our Facebook page to check out some more pictures from that event.  

30 Years Ago… Air Components & Systems, Ltd. was formed in 1985 as an Ingersoll Rand Master distributor, serving as the region‘s leader in providing air compressor parts, services and equipment. We have grown into one of the most successful distributors in the country and now have 5 customer-facing locations and 50 employees. This year we are […]