Your air compressor system has been humming along, faithfully supplying your facility with the fuel on which it runs for a long time, but now, you’re noticing little indications that she may be running out of steam.  How do you know if your air compressor just needs a few repairs, or if it’s time to […]

We mentioned in a previous blog that pressing PVC piping into use in a compressed air system was a bad idea.  Someone asked us why. In spite of PVC pipe’s apparent durability, there are certain things it just falls short of being able to handle. For example, handle compressed air. Implementing PVC pipe in your […]

Your air compressor is a critical part of your facility and if it fails for any reason, your bottom line is affected.  Let’s take a look at two common air compressor issues you might experience and how you can treat the problem (potentially) yourself. Air compressor is really loud. Once you begin operating an air […]

While we’re not suggesting that these are the only steps you need to take to keep your compressor humming along, we will say that if you do these three things regularly your unit is more likely to last longer and keep your facility supplied with the compressed air it needs to function. Change your air […]

Many facilities and people who work around compressed air tend to take it for granted.  You turn it on, or activate the tool or machine you are using, and it’s just there.  It’s that reliable. What can’t be overlooked about compressed air, is the inherent danger in working around it.  If used properly, with common […]

Imagine waking up to a message from your facility’s air compressor that one of the filters needs cleaning, or that something more severe is about to occur. It’s more than just a dream, it’s happening with air compressors you can monitor remotely, with a 24/7 stream of information that lets you know exactly how your […]

We ask you repeatedly for questions and you never fail to respond. Here’s another list of the questions we see most often, and of course the answers. Q: Why is my air compressor overheating? A: Check your oil level. Add if you find that you need to. If that doesn’t bring your operating temperature down […]

   In the comparison between diesel-powered air compressors and electric air compressors, the primary difference is at the bottom line: the cost. We’ll examine the numbers shortly, but if cost is your only concern- diesel is considerably more expensive. Now you know.  There are other differences that may influence your decision, though. Diesel-powered compressors produce […]

You can buy the latest and greatest thing but if you don’t use it properly, it might as well be a doorstop. The same is true of air compressors- the best units, filters, tanks and dryers won’t do you any good if you don’t install them properly.  Proper installation of your air compressor system makes […]

At the very end of every one of these blog entries, we ask you to bring your questions to our experts- and you absolutely do your part.  We’re dipping into the ACS Mailbag for this entry. Q: What pipe is necessary to minimize pressure loss in a facility? A:  Generally, you can count on losing […]