You’re running a business, and many of your decisions have to be made with the bottom line in mind. That just makes sense- and it makes the decision surrounding just how you power your air compressor that much more critical. The two most common “fuels” for compressors are diesel fuel and electricity. As you might […]

     Air compressors generate heat.  Heat creates condensation and as we talk about at great length here, moisture and your air compressor system just don’t get along. It’s one of the hard and fast rules of air compression. What’s key here, is how you manage that heat. Here’s a statistic- a whopping 94 percent […]

Of all the “qualities” of compressed air, Instrument Quality Air may be the most complicated to produce.  It can also be pricey.             Instrument Quality air is necessary in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, and plants in the power industry.  It requires air cooled to -40 degrees F, an oil-free compressor and an impressive filtration system. […]

Moisture. It’s an important enough topic when it comes to your air compressor that we have devoted several columns to it.  Water can cause all kinds of trouble and we just can’t emphasize it enough. Air compressors, besides compressing air and keeping your operation running, do two things really well.  They produce heat, and water. […]

We’ve established, repeatedly, the importance of dry air in your air compressor system. We’ve also established, the role of the dryer in the air compression process. A dryer can protect your tools and machinery from moisture and rust, and protect the piping that moves the air around your facility. If you’re serious about eliminating moisture […]

If you’re the decider in your facility, purchasing an industrial air compressor may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make.  Here’s a short list of some of the things you’ll want to consider before you make the call. For starters, what type of air compressor best fits your facility?  Of course, our team […]

There’s something beautifully simple about your air compressor tank. Perfectly symmetrical, round in all the right places, storing air to keep your facility running at peak whenever you need it to. Your tank just stands there silently, doing its job. No fanfare, no thanks necessary, and maybe best of all- very little maintenance. The tank […]

With temperatures coming up, it’s time to consider moisture in your air compressor system and when you might have the most water trouble. It’s all about the dew point. Meteorologists pay a lot of attention to dew point, and if you own an air compressor system and rely on it to keep your operation running […]

Depending on type, size, and features required for your compressed air needs, lead times can vary from a a few days to several months.  Typically, the larger and more custom the compressor is, the longer the lead time. These are the estimated lead times for non-configured or non-specialty units: Small Reciprocating – 3 business days […]

1. What are you using the compressed air for? Do you intend to use it 6 hours per day/5 days a week?  Does your demand vary during the day? 2. Where will the compressor be located? Outdoor applications require special protection.  Indoor compressors need to be at least 3 feet away from the wall to […]