The compressed air your system kicks out to keep your facility running should be – depending on your use – as free from particulates and oils as it can be.  To make this happen, you will need some sort of inline filtration. The good news is you can locate these filters just about anywhere in […]

Consider your condensate drain.  It’s possibly the most overlooked element in your compressed air system, yet arguably among the top three most important parts of your compressed air system. Regardless of how much you have spent for your system, aa few dollars smore for an efficient, reliable drain can make or break your compressor. We […]

You work hard to maintain your compressed air system, but don’t forget your drains. When the weather gets humid, like it’s about to, your air compressor system works overtime removing moisture from the air it sends through your facility. This moisture has to go somewhere, and since it’s not necessarily squeaky clean, it can leave […]

Moisture is the enemy.  If you’re paying attention at all to the air compressor you have installed and this blog, you know that for a fact. Keeping the compressed air you utilize moisture-free is critical to the lifespan of your compressor and the well-being and operation of your facility. There are two predominant ways you […]

Pop quiz: what is the only pharmaceutical drug actually manufactured in hospitals and health care facilities? Answer: Medical grade compressed air. Medical air is used in just about every area of a hospital and is administered to patients who need inhaled medications and anesthesia, while patients are under anesthesia, for treatment of respiratory conditions, and […]

The words “Winter is coming” may get Game of Thrones fans excited, but it should set off alarms in your head if you rely on an industrial air compressor to keep your business up and running. We talk a lot in this blog about moisture and your air compressor, and the damage it can cause. […]

     Air compressors generate heat.  Heat creates condensation and as we talk about at great length here, moisture and your air compressor system just don’t get along. It’s one of the hard and fast rules of air compression. What’s key here, is how you manage that heat. Here’s a statistic- a whopping 94 percent […]

If you want your compressed air system to have good quality, dry air, then think about getting an air dryer.  With all your options, picking out the proper air dryer can be a bit confusing.  Mike Statile explains the basics here, but feel free to contact us or your local representative with any questions.

Moisture.  Wherever it seeps into your system, it’s the enemy- but what does it mean if, in spite of your best efforts, you are still seeing condensation downstream from your air compressor? Simply put, water downstream means trouble upstream. For starters, you may be asking too much of your air compressor. Make sure your current […]

When Henry Ford began selling the Model T in 1908, it was pretty basic, as you might imagine- and it came in one color.  Black.  Henry Ford was quoted in a meeting as saying “Any customer can have a car painted in any color he wants, so long as it is black.” Since then, customers […]