At the very end of every one of these blog entries, we ask you to bring your questions to our experts- and you absolutely do your part.  We’re dipping into the ACS Mailbag for this entry. Q: What pipe is necessary to minimize pressure loss in a facility? A:  Generally, you can count on losing […]

Every installation of a new air compressor system is different, we rarely see the same circumstances twice and sometimes we have to jump through some significant hoops to get the job done.             For example, one of our clients was expanding quickly and identified a need for additional compressed air support. While the client approached […]

You’re running a business, and many of your decisions have to be made with the bottom line in mind. That just makes sense- and it makes the decision surrounding just how you power your air compressor that much more critical. The two most common “fuels” for compressors are diesel fuel and electricity. As you might […]

     Air compressors generate heat.  Heat creates condensation and as we talk about at great length here, moisture and your air compressor system just don’t get along. It’s one of the hard and fast rules of air compression. What’s key here, is how you manage that heat. Here’s a statistic- a whopping 94 percent […]

Of all the “qualities” of compressed air, Instrument Quality Air may be the most complicated to produce.  It can also be pricey.             Instrument Quality air is necessary in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, and plants in the power industry.  It requires air cooled to -40 degrees F, an oil-free compressor and an impressive filtration system. […]

Being in control of the compressed air that moves through your facility is critical to your operation, and in the long run can save you money and time. Implementing an air regulator downstream of your storage tank can help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Simply put, a regulator controls the pressure coming from […]

Stuff happens.  It’s one of life’s unbreakable rules.  Stuff also tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient. So when something does happen to your air compressor- and even the compressors that have been meticulously maintained sometimes break down- you’ll need to be prepared. We’ve discussed the need for a backup compressor but if you’re still […]

Acquiring an air compressor involves more than just the unit.  Something has to connect it throughout your facility, and no one does that better or more reliably than we do. The Ingersoll Rand SimplAir Piping System distributes compressed air (and more) throughout your facility reliably and economically.  Here’s how: The biggest difference isn’t in the […]

With Spring almost here (and in some parts of the country it’s already getting very warm- hello Arizona!) it’s time to talk about spring cleaning and making your air compressor ready for the Summer heat! Spring is when we like to do our yearly maintenance and this allows us to ensure our compressors are ready […]

We recently completed a compressor installation for a local brewery in the Charlotte, NC area.  Our Aftermarket Specialist, Trey Carter, takes us on a tour through the facility and explains why this equipment was chosen for this application.