As we discuss a lot in this blog, there are some things you can do on your own to ensure your air compressor system lasts a good long time- as it was built to. Someone asked us to keep it simple, and give them five things you can do right now to lengthen the life […]

Sometimes when we throw out the terminology associated with air compressors, new clients look at us like we have two heads.  One of the explanations that draws the most follow-up questions is the difference between one-stage and two-stage compressors. The answer is actually simple, but it also brings up other questions, so let’s clear up […]

   In the comparison between diesel-powered air compressors and electric air compressors, the primary difference is at the bottom line: the cost. We’ll examine the numbers shortly, but if cost is your only concern- diesel is considerably more expensive. Now you know.  There are other differences that may influence your decision, though. Diesel-powered compressors produce […]

Like any major purchase, there are costs associated with the item you’ve bought- some are hidden, some are in the open, and some can’t be predicted. The same is absolutely true with the purchase and installation of a new industrial air compressor system. We’re going to make sure you’re aware of some of the hidden costs, […]

You rely on your air compressor and if there’s trouble it could cost you money. So it’s important that you get your compressor up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of some sort of failure. So, let’s look at what may cause a shutdown, and what you can do to get […]

At the very end of every one of these blog entries, we ask you to bring your questions to our experts- and you absolutely do your part.  We’re dipping into the ACS Mailbag for this entry. Q: What pipe is necessary to minimize pressure loss in a facility? A:  Generally, you can count on losing […]

When we say we’ve seen everything, we’re not exaggerating by much- and when we say we can handle just about anything clients throw at us- that’s no exaggeration. For example- a client who builds equipment that functions at landfills and manages the natural gas created there- sends that equipment off to dumps across the United […]

We get questions from clients and customers all the time. Fortunately, our experts have the knowledge to answer all of these questions. Here are some of the questions we get most frequently. Q. How much maintenance does my air compressor require? A. Like any mechanical equipment, a certain amount of maintenance is necessary to keep […]

Stuff happens.  It’s one of life’s unbreakable rules.  Stuff also tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient. So when something does happen to your air compressor- and even the compressors that have been meticulously maintained sometimes break down- you’ll need to be prepared. We’ve discussed the need for a backup compressor but if you’re still […]

We get a lot of the same questions from our clients, and the truth is there are a lot of bad practices and bad information out there surrounding industrial air compressors. Let’s put some of that bad information to rest starting here: Don’t use compressed air to clean dust and dirt from your work space. […]