Any machine with moving parts, whether it’s an air compressor or your family car, needs oil.  Oil keeps moving metal parts from tearing themselves apart when they make contact with other metal parts.  Oil gets dirty and needs to be changed, but the requirements for changing your oil keep changing.    It used to be […]

Of all the “qualities” of compressed air, Instrument Quality Air may be the most complicated to produce.  It can also be pricey.             Instrument Quality air is necessary in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, and plants in the power industry.  It requires air cooled to -40 degrees F, an oil-free compressor and an impressive filtration system. […]

Let’s see if you’re paying attention.  The answers to these five questions can be found in recent blog posts. Are you keeping up?   Questions here. Answers below. Q1 Rotary screw compressors mix oil with intake air, and then separates the two. Where does the separated oil go? Q2  You find an oil leak in your system. […]

Oil and water.  They don’t mix but they do have something in common. Both can cause headaches if they get into your air compressor system. We’ve been over this a lot- air compressors can generate water in certain conditions like high humidity and warm environments. Rotary screw compressors mix oil with the intake air to […]

Acquiring an air compressor involves more than just the unit.  Something has to connect it throughout your facility, and no one does that better or more reliably than we do. The Ingersoll Rand SimplAir Piping System distributes compressed air (and more) throughout your facility reliably and economically.  Here’s how: The biggest difference isn’t in the […]

With Spring almost here (and in some parts of the country it’s already getting very warm- hello Arizona!) it’s time to talk about spring cleaning and making your air compressor ready for the Summer heat! Spring is when we like to do our yearly maintenance and this allows us to ensure our compressors are ready […]

Machines can talk to us, if we listen. Certainly, computers have made it easier for them to communicate, but they can physically let us know what’s happening with them as well. If an air compressor is running just fine you’ll know it by the way it sounds, the way it looks, even the way it […]

We recently completed a compressor installation for a local brewery in the Charlotte, NC area.  Our Aftermarket Specialist, Trey Carter, takes us on a tour through the facility and explains why this equipment was chosen for this application.

As we’ve discussed in this very same space, your air compressors filters will go a long way towards keeping your unit running efficiently, but don’t be fooled. You bear some responsibility in keeping your compressor clean, too. The bottom line is your compressor is only as clean as the environment that it is in.  If […]

We see them all the time.  Leaks in your compressor system end up costing more money and waste more energy than you think.  Leak studies can be done to find the problems and fix them in a timely manner.