Can we talk for a minute or two about the best staff in the compressed air industry? Air Components and Systems is more than just a name.  It’s more than 30 years of demonstrated excellence in the compressed air industry, and more than 25 dedicated professionals who represent your needs from start to finish. Our […]

At its most basic, an air compressor is actually pretty simple. A main unit, some piping, and a tank and you’re in business. Of course, we know the system is a little more complicated than that, and you have the ability to accessorize your system based on the specific needs of your facility. Let’s start […]

Like any large piece of equipment, your facility’s air compressor requires some specific training- not just for those who work with it directly every day, but for those who regularly work near the unit itself or who work with the compressed air it produces. That’s why Air Components and Systems offers safety training for clients […]

Purchasing a compressed air system for your facility can be a complicated venture, one that we can absolutely help you with step-by-step. But once you’ve purchased the perfect system for your facility, you must consider installation and everything that involves.  That’s why we’re here. Your Air Components experience doesn’t end with the purchase, we can […]

Compressed air as we know it powers your business, runs equipment and provides you with another energy source you rely on to make things happen. There are other uses for compressed air – on a smaller scale, perhaps – that affect us outside of your plant nearly every day. Examples of compressed air at work […]

Some compressed air systems, maybe yours, are large enough and employ multiple compressors.  If your compressed air demand changes from day to day, an uncontrolled system could produce too much air and that could get expensive. How, then, do you manage a multiple compressor system efficiently? With a central controller, that’s how.  One controller that […]

While we’re not suggesting that these are the only steps you need to take to keep your compressor humming along, we will say that if you do these three things regularly your unit is more likely to last longer and keep your facility supplied with the compressed air it needs to function. Change your air […]

Pop quiz: what is the only pharmaceutical drug actually manufactured in hospitals and health care facilities? Answer: Medical grade compressed air. Medical air is used in just about every area of a hospital and is administered to patients who need inhaled medications and anesthesia, while patients are under anesthesia, for treatment of respiratory conditions, and […]

One of our Charlotte Account Representatives, Brad Bost, discusses different installation considerations – not one compressor system install is the same! Contact our sales department if you would like more information on air compressor installation at (866) 413-8077.

If you are in the market for a new air compressor system, we’d like you to think about two key words: plan ahead. In this case, “plan ahead” actually means three different things. For starters, think about your capacity, what you will be asking your air compressor to do.  Then, get out your crystal ball […]