Many facilities and people who work around compressed air tend to take it for granted.  You turn it on, or activate the tool or machine you are using, and it’s just there.  It’s that reliable. What can’t be overlooked about compressed air, is the inherent danger in working around it.  If used properly, with common […]

Imagine waking up to a message from your facility’s air compressor that one of the filters needs cleaning, or that something more severe is about to occur. It’s more than just a dream, it’s happening with air compressors you can monitor remotely, with a 24/7 stream of information that lets you know exactly how your […]

As with any mechanical system, your air compressor is subject to occasional hiccups- problems not quite big enough to shut the system down, but not small enough that you can afford to ignore them. Here are three trouble-some issues that could pop up in your system that will need to be addressed. Decreased pressure- Your […]

Occasionally, as knowledgeable and professional as our own technicians are, an installation project comes along that is big enough to require a consultation. In these rare instances, ACS will partner with an engineering firm or other consultants to ensure the job is done correctly. Typically, the company building a new facility will hire an engineering […]

You don’t have to be a hipster to realize the craft brewing industry is exploding across the US. Craft brewers and other facilities are using compressed air in making the brews that turn heads and win awards. ACS and Ingersoll Rand have been supplying the craft brewing industry with air compressors since before the trend […]

As we discuss a lot in this blog, there are some things you can do on your own to ensure your air compressor system lasts a good long time- as it was built to. Someone asked us to keep it simple, and give them five things you can do right now to lengthen the life […]

It goes without saying that the internet has changed nearly every aspect of the way companies do business. From commerce, information and communication there is nearly no aspect of your business that hasn’t been affected by technology. Even your facility’s air compressor can be monitored remotely via the internet, and you can receive notifications, status […]

Like any industrial tool, there are do’s and don’ts- hard and fast rules that must be followed at all times to not only make sure the equipment is functioning at its peak, but to make sure everyone involved directly with the gear (and the gear itself) remains safe. Here are the Top 5 Hard and […]

You wouldn’t want someone who wasn’t trained to be elbows deep in your car’s engine, would you? Then why would you let someone who wasn’t specifically trained to repair your air compressor dig in to your system? No matter what type of air compressor system you have, no matter what brand, our technicians are trained […]

   In the comparison between diesel-powered air compressors and electric air compressors, the primary difference is at the bottom line: the cost. We’ll examine the numbers shortly, but if cost is your only concern- diesel is considerably more expensive. Now you know.  There are other differences that may influence your decision, though. Diesel-powered compressors produce […]