There are two truths about air compressors.  One: you probably can’t operate your facility without it, and two: it generates heat.  A lot of it. Heat is the mortal enemy of an air compressor and it must be dealt with or it can cause plenty of problems- from reliability to performance and heat can even […]

Like any major purchase, there are costs associated with the item you’ve bought- some are hidden, some are in the open, and some can’t be predicted. The same is absolutely true with the purchase and installation of a new industrial air compressor system. We’re going to make sure you’re aware of some of the hidden costs, […]

You rely on your air compressor and if there’s trouble it could cost you money. So it’s important that you get your compressor up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of some sort of failure. So, let’s look at what may cause a shutdown, and what you can do to get […]

You can buy the latest and greatest thing but if you don’t use it properly, it might as well be a doorstop. The same is true of air compressors- the best units, filters, tanks and dryers won’t do you any good if you don’t install them properly.  Proper installation of your air compressor system makes […]

  It’s maybe unlikely- but possible- that you may have just realized you’re in need of an industrial air compressor. Compressors just aren’t the kind of thing you suddenly decide you need, like a fidget spinner or a cup of coffee.  Either you need a compressor right away or you don’t. So for the sake […]

In the seemingly never-ending movement to get away from finite resources like fossil fuels, many other energy sources are being explored- resources that could power our future. Compressed air is in the mix as one of the energy-providing utilities that could be tapped for the job. According to an article at LiveScience one of the […]

Stuff happens.  It’s one of life’s unbreakable rules.  Stuff also tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient. So when something does happen to your air compressor- and even the compressors that have been meticulously maintained sometimes break down- you’ll need to be prepared. We’ve discussed the need for a backup compressor but if you’re still […]

We get a lot of the same questions from our clients, and the truth is there are a lot of bad practices and bad information out there surrounding industrial air compressors. Let’s put some of that bad information to rest starting here: Don’t use compressed air to clean dust and dirt from your work space. […]

You’ve identified a need.  Your current air compressor system isn’t getting the job done and you need a new one. Coincidentally, this is what we do best. Many of our new customers have questions about the process and often those questions start with “what do I do now?”  Once you call us it sets a […]

It’s a good problem to have, when your business and your facility outgrows your air compressor. It means you’re successful and you’re growing! So, how do you determine your air compressor is no longer operating efficiently as your facility and its compressed air demands grow? Keep an eye on how often and how long your […]