Like every piece of potentially dangerous equipment in your facility, your air compressor receiver must be regularly inspected for safety and operational concerns. Even though it just stands there, dutifully holding onto compressed air until it is needed, your compressor receiving tank has its own set of dangers.  For starters, it’s filled with compressed air […]

Your air compressor system has been humming along, faithfully supplying your facility with the fuel on which it runs for a long time, but now, you’re noticing little indications that she may be running out of steam.  How do you know if your air compressor just needs a few repairs, or if it’s time to […]

Compressed Air Filtration There is a common misconception among some air compressor owners that the process of taking in and compressing air removes dirt and dust all by itself. This is just not true and adhering to that thinking leaves a mess which can affect the operation of your unit. The cure involves keeping your […]

Being in control of the compressed air that moves through your facility is critical to your operation, and in the long run can save you money and time. Implementing an air regulator downstream of your storage tank can help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Simply put, a regulator controls the pressure coming from […]

Acquiring an air compressor involves more than just the unit.  Something has to connect it throughout your facility, and no one does that better or more reliably than we do. The Ingersoll Rand SimplAir Piping System distributes compressed air (and more) throughout your facility reliably and economically.  Here’s how: The biggest difference isn’t in the […]

The air you breathe in is clean (hopefully) but the fact is the air in your workplace may be filled with all kinds of stuff, from dust to dirt and grime to moisture.  None of those things are particularly good for your air compressor, so at some point in the process they need to be […]

Take a look inside this Ingersoll Rand R55 air compressor with Michael McCulloh as he shows us what you see when you open the cabinet – and what function those parts serve.

We talked to our Knoxville Account Representative about condensate drain valves – what’s the difference and what is best option?

This may be the first time “Steel Magnolias” has been mentioned in an industrial blog but wasn’t it Shirley MacLaine who said “The thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” There are more than a few ways to accessorize your air compressor! Generally speaking, accessories are put in place to […]

Parts are parts, right? Not exactly. There are things you need to know about aftermarket parts vs. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Number one, quality. The parts Ingersoll Rand uses on their air compressors are specifically built and engineered for their units. They’re built to work at maximum efficiency and protection for the unit. You know […]