We mentioned in a previous blog that pressing PVC piping into use in a compressed air system was a bad idea.  Someone asked us why. In spite of PVC pipe’s apparent durability, there are certain things it just falls short of being able to handle. For example, handle compressed air. Implementing PVC pipe in your […]

At some point, you’re going to ask yourself if it’s time to upgrade your air compressor and when that time comes you may want to consider an upgrade to a rotary screw unit. And, rightfully so, you’re going to have questions. A rotary screw air compressor uses two helical screws to compress air.  It’s slightly […]

  It’s maybe unlikely- but possible- that you may have just realized you’re in need of an industrial air compressor. Compressors just aren’t the kind of thing you suddenly decide you need, like a fidget spinner or a cup of coffee.  Either you need a compressor right away or you don’t. So for the sake […]

As we prepare to mark this country’s 241st birthday, let’s take a short look at the role compressed air played in the growth and development of the United States. Compressed air drills were used in US mines as early as the 1870’s, providing power for the drills that broke up large walls of coal into […]

Let’s see if you’re paying attention.  The answers to these five questions can be found in recent blog posts. Are you keeping up?   Questions here. Answers below. Q1 Rotary screw compressors mix oil with intake air, and then separates the two. Where does the separated oil go? Q2  You find an oil leak in your system. […]

It’s a good problem to have, when your business and your facility outgrows your air compressor. It means you’re successful and you’re growing! So, how do you determine your air compressor is no longer operating efficiently as your facility and its compressed air demands grow? Keep an eye on how often and how long your […]

We recently completed a compressor installation for a local brewery in the Charlotte, NC area.  Our Aftermarket Specialist, Trey Carter, takes us on a tour through the facility and explains why this equipment was chosen for this application.

Saving energy and money is on everyone’s mind, and when it comes to your compressed air system the best way to accomplish this may be a Variable Speed Compressor. These compressors offer a lot of value when it comes to energy efficiency because you can control how much air they produce based on your usage. […]

Companies expand and rebuild all of the time, they outgrow or wear out their existing reciprocating air compressors.  In researching a replacement they often ask if a rotary compressor is the right solution. There are several things to consider if your company is in this situation. First, what is the application? Rotaries are generally better […]

Plant engineers have a decision to make in choosing an air compressor system for your facility- Oil-Free vs. Contact Cooled. The basis for that decision is actually simple- what air quality does your application call for? Let’s look at both options, and decide from there. Oil-Free just means the compression area will have zero oil […]