Very few compressed air systems run full load all of the time.  As an air compressor can typically be one of the largest electrical consumers in a facility, there are often considerable opportunities for energy savings with a variable speed air compressor.  While variable speed drives have decreased in cost over the last few years, […]

There’s a new compressor in town and we are showing it off!  Ingersoll Rand’s 50HP air compressor, the RS37ie is leading the industry in performance. For the whole month of May, we’ll be touring from Knoxville, Tennessee to Florence, South Carolina. Schedule a stop at your facility by calling 704-409-6125 or email!

“This is a great vote of confidence from our customers.  The votes came from people who need and buy our products. Their judgement counts” said Jason Grizzi, Americas Marketing Director. The R Series oil-flooded, rotary screw air compressors are used in many different applications – manufacturing, utilities, construction, vehicle body shops – because they deliver […]

Need more pressure in your compressed air equipment? Ingersoll Rand is launching the RHP series (Single Stage R Series and Two Stage SSR Series) ranging from 116 PSI to 935 PSI.   With more horsepower range and additional options, Ingersoll Rand stands above the competition. What you get: Low sound enclosure with powder coated panels […]

There are probably small levels of corrosive gases in the air at all facilities that utilize compressed air equipment.  Those gases can become more concentrated once the air is compressed causing corrosion.  Corrosion is devastating to air compressors and leads to early failures, decreased efficiency and costly repairs.  A few industries that are at higher […]

Maintaining the appropriate levels of lubricant in your compressor system is imperative because it controls the temperature.  It reduces friction and wear & tear to maximize the life and efficiency of the system. This new lubricant from Ingersoll Rand is made to last twice as long as other rotary lubricants, keeping your compressors running at […]

Many customers who operate systems of less than 20 horsepower often ask this question as they outgrow or wear out their existing reciprocating air compressors.    In researching a replacement they often ask if a rotary compressor is the right solution.  There are several things to consider if your company is in this situation. First, what […]