Like any large piece of equipment, your facility’s air compressor requires some specific training- not just for those who work with it directly every day, but for those who regularly work near the unit itself or who work with the compressed air it produces. That’s why Air Components and Systems offers safety training for clients […]

We mentioned in a previous blog that pressing PVC piping into use in a compressed air system was a bad idea.  Someone asked us why. In spite of PVC pipe’s apparent durability, there are certain things it just falls short of being able to handle. For example, handle compressed air. Implementing PVC pipe in your […]

Pop quiz: what is the only pharmaceutical drug actually manufactured in hospitals and health care facilities? Answer: Medical grade compressed air. Medical air is used in just about every area of a hospital and is administered to patients who need inhaled medications and anesthesia, while patients are under anesthesia, for treatment of respiratory conditions, and […]

Many facilities and people who work around compressed air tend to take it for granted.  You turn it on, or activate the tool or machine you are using, and it’s just there.  It’s that reliable. What can’t be overlooked about compressed air, is the inherent danger in working around it.  If used properly, with common […]

Imagine waking up to a message from your facility’s air compressor that one of the filters needs cleaning, or that something more severe is about to occur. It’s more than just a dream, it’s happening with air compressors you can monitor remotely, with a 24/7 stream of information that lets you know exactly how your […]

Like any industrial tool, there are do’s and don’ts- hard and fast rules that must be followed at all times to not only make sure the equipment is functioning at its peak, but to make sure everyone involved directly with the gear (and the gear itself) remains safe. Here are the Top 5 Hard and […]

We breathe air. It’s around us all the time, how dangerous could it be? The answer is, not very.  Unless you compress that air and then there is plenty of danger. The compressed air in your facility, at its lowest threshold, is likely at about 90 psi.  Of course, your facility may require air at […]

Your air compressor just sits there, doing its job pumping out the compressed air that helps keep your shop humming.  A little daily maintenance and some regular checkups and all is well, right? Not exactly. Like any industrial tool, there are some safety considerations to be aware of- and not only for the health and […]

Your air compressor is the heart of the manufacturing facility. If you do not have compressed air, other equipment will not run thus production will come to a halt.   One of the largest and most important investments your company makes is the air compressor. These statements are true for most every manufacturing facility in […]