Your compressed air system is consistently sending its product into your facility, but is it operating as well as it could? If your air compressor is operating way above the necessary PSI to run your facility (for example – 90 PSI is sufficient for your needs, but you have to operate at 130 PSI to […]

Like every piece of potentially dangerous equipment in your facility, your air compressor receiver must be regularly inspected for safety and operational concerns. Even though it just stands there, dutifully holding onto compressed air until it is needed, your compressor receiving tank has its own set of dangers.  For starters, it’s filled with compressed air […]

Consider your condensate drain.  It’s possibly the most overlooked element in your compressed air system, yet arguably among the top three most important parts of your compressed air system. Regardless of how much you have spent for your system, aa few dollars smore for an efficient, reliable drain can make or break your compressor. We […]

There’s something beautifully simple about your air compressor tank. Perfectly symmetrical, round in all the right places, storing air to keep your facility running at peak whenever you need it to. Your tank just stands there silently, doing its job. No fanfare, no thanks necessary, and maybe best of all- very little maintenance. The tank […]

Being in control of the compressed air that moves through your facility is critical to your operation, and in the long run can save you money and time. Implementing an air regulator downstream of your storage tank can help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Simply put, a regulator controls the pressure coming from […]

It’s a good problem to have, when your business and your facility outgrows your air compressor. It means you’re successful and you’re growing! So, how do you determine your air compressor is no longer operating efficiently as your facility and its compressed air demands grow? Keep an eye on how often and how long your […]

When Henry Ford began selling the Model T in 1908, it was pretty basic, as you might imagine- and it came in one color.  Black.  Henry Ford was quoted in a meeting as saying “Any customer can have a car painted in any color he wants, so long as it is black.” Since then, customers […]

We talked to our Knoxville Account Representative about condensate drain valves – what’s the difference and what is best option?

This may be the first time “Steel Magnolias” has been mentioned in an industrial blog but wasn’t it Shirley MacLaine who said “The thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” There are more than a few ways to accessorize your air compressor! Generally speaking, accessories are put in place to […]

Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Fall Sundays and football. Some things just go together seamlessly. Add to the list: compressed air systems and tanks. You can’t have one without the other. “If you have a compressed air system,” says Brad Bost, Air Components and Systems Account Representative, “you need a compressed air receiver […]