American companies are losing billions of dollars in lost energy due to wasted energy costs. This likely includes your company. New air compressor models do a tremendous job at increasing energy efficiency but still, only about 15% of the energy created by the compressor system is actually delivered as compressed air. The remaining energy is […]

At its most basic, an air compressor is actually pretty simple. A main unit, some piping, and a tank and you’re in business. Of course, we know the system is a little more complicated than that, and you have the ability to accessorize your system based on the specific needs of your facility. Let’s start […]

Your air compressor system has been humming along, faithfully supplying your facility with the fuel on which it runs for a long time, but now, you’re noticing little indications that she may be running out of steam.  How do you know if your air compressor just needs a few repairs, or if it’s time to […]

While we’re not suggesting that these are the only steps you need to take to keep your compressor humming along, we will say that if you do these three things regularly your unit is more likely to last longer and keep your facility supplied with the compressed air it needs to function. Change your air […]

It’s a new year, and while everyone is rededicating themselves to fitness, or diet, or professional goals – let’s rededicate ourselves to making sure your air compressor keeps ticking, shall we? We’re sure you’re conducting daily maintenance checks (right?) but since you rely on your compressor – heavily – let’s take a little extra effort […]

Pop quiz: what is the only pharmaceutical drug actually manufactured in hospitals and health care facilities? Answer: Medical grade compressed air. Medical air is used in just about every area of a hospital and is administered to patients who need inhaled medications and anesthesia, while patients are under anesthesia, for treatment of respiratory conditions, and […]

One of our Charlotte Account Representatives, Brad Bost, discusses different installation considerations – not one compressor system install is the same! Contact our sales department if you would like more information on air compressor installation at (866) 413-8077.

There are so many questions about the future that it is literally impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone a year or more from now. What if we told you we have a crystal ball, and that we can predict how well your air compressor system will perform long into the future based […]

As with any mechanical system, your air compressor is subject to occasional hiccups- problems not quite big enough to shut the system down, but not small enough that you can afford to ignore them. Here are three trouble-some issues that could pop up in your system that will need to be addressed. Decreased pressure- Your […]

We ask you repeatedly for questions and you never fail to respond. Here’s another list of the questions we see most often, and of course the answers. Q: Why is my air compressor overheating? A: Check your oil level. Add if you find that you need to. If that doesn’t bring your operating temperature down […]