The words “Winter is coming” may get Game of Thrones fans excited, but it should set off alarms in your head if you rely on an industrial air compressor to keep your business up and running. We talk a lot in this blog about moisture and your air compressor, and the damage it can cause. […]

Periodically, we like to answer common questions we get from our clients- who sometimes think they can stump our experts. Some questions are easier than others. Q: What is the difference between “stop-start” and “constant run” and which is better? A: That’s two questions but we’ll allow it. A “stop-start” compressor is equipped with a […]

As we discuss a lot in this blog, there are some things you can do on your own to ensure your air compressor system lasts a good long time- as it was built to. Someone asked us to keep it simple, and give them five things you can do right now to lengthen the life […]

It goes without saying that the internet has changed nearly every aspect of the way companies do business. From commerce, information and communication there is nearly no aspect of your business that hasn’t been affected by technology. Even your facility’s air compressor can be monitored remotely via the internet, and you can receive notifications, status […]

Like any industrial tool, there are do’s and don’ts- hard and fast rules that must be followed at all times to not only make sure the equipment is functioning at its peak, but to make sure everyone involved directly with the gear (and the gear itself) remains safe. Here are the Top 5 Hard and […]

At the very end of every one of these blog entries, we ask you to bring your questions to our experts- and you absolutely do your part.  We’re dipping into the ACS Mailbag for this entry. Q: What pipe is necessary to minimize pressure loss in a facility? A:  Generally, you can count on losing […]

Just because we can, let’s take a minute and ensure your air compressor is in good working order. The process and regularity of compressor service and maintenance depends on the individual processor. For example, a compressor using petroleum-based oil needs an oil-change every 500 hours of service. A unit using synthetic oil, raise that interval […]

When we say we’ve seen everything, we’re not exaggerating by much- and when we say we can handle just about anything clients throw at us- that’s no exaggeration. For example- a client who builds equipment that functions at landfills and manages the natural gas created there- sends that equipment off to dumps across the United […]

Any machine with moving parts, whether it’s an air compressor or your family car, needs oil.  Oil keeps moving metal parts from tearing themselves apart when they make contact with other metal parts.  Oil gets dirty and needs to be changed, but the requirements for changing your oil keep changing.    It used to be […]

Every installation of a new air compressor system is different, we rarely see the same circumstances twice and sometimes we have to jump through some significant hoops to get the job done.             For example, one of our clients was expanding quickly and identified a need for additional compressed air support. While the client approached […]