Compressed Air Dangers

We breathe air. It’s around us all the time, how dangerous could it be?

The answer is, not very.  Unless you compress that air and then there is plenty of danger.

The compressed air in your facility, at its lowest threshold, is likely at about 90 psi.  Of course, your facility may require air at an even higher compression, but no matter what your operation requires- there is a danger.

Let’s start simply. Your employees may make a habit out of using your facility’s compressed air to blow dust and other debris off their overalls or work clothes.  We can’t even begin to tell you how risky this is.

NEVER use compressed air to clean your clothing or hair. NEVER point compressed air at yourself or another person. If you must clean something that isn’t a living being with compressed air, do not use air that is set over 30 psi. You must always use proper PPE when handling compressed air, including eye protection.

There are stories, although somewhat rare, of compressed air forced into body tissues through skin.  Let’s not test this, ok?  Compressed air that makes its way into a person through the skin can cause an embolism, and that can kill you if it reaches the heart, lungs or brain. Rare or not, don’t push it.

Horseplay involving compressed air is never a good idea. Never point a compressed air handle at another person, or yourself.  Air blown into the mouth at only 5psi can rupture the esophagus or lungs.

Eye and ear injuries can occur easily around compressed air.  40 psi air can rupture an eardrum from 4 inches away and can even cause brain damage.

12 psi can blow an eye out of its socket.

This is very serious.  We don’t think of air as dangerous, but without proper training even the air we breathe can hurt us.

Questions? We can help you make your facility the safest it can be, and help train your staff to respect the compressed air that helps them do their jobs.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

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