Compressed Air Filtration

filtrationThe air you breathe in is clean (hopefully) but the fact is the air in your workplace may be filled with all kinds of stuff, from dust to dirt and grime to moisture.  None of those things are particularly good for your air compressor, so at some point in the process they need to be filtered out.

Filters are critical to your system. They help reduce contamination and protect your processes and expensive equipment.

Much like the filters in your heating/cooling system at home- the filters in an air compressor system are not usually cleaned, but replaced.  We recommend that the filter elements get replaced a minimum of once a year but how often you may need/want to replace your filters may depend on the conditions in which they are working.  Lots of dirt, grime and gunk equals more frequent filter changes.  By the way, most Ingersoll Rand filters have a visible indicator letting you know when the time is right to swap it out for a new one.

There are different levels if filtration, and the filter you need will be dictated by the quality of air your workplace requires.  Filtration levels are measured in microns. There are 25,400 microns in an inch.  Microns are tiny.

A general purpose filter can remove contaminants (and the aforementioned “gunk”) down to .1 micron.

A high-efficiency filter can remove gunk down to .01 microns.

This may help- Tobacco smoke, which is actually made up of tiny tiny particles (SCIENCE NOTE: actually, anything you can smell is particulate, too.  Try not to give that too much thought) that are .5 microns in size. A grain of table salt = 100 microns.  So you can see the level of tiny we are dealing with here.

Every facility has different filtration needs, and maybe even different needs for multiple compressors in the same facility.

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