Compressed Air in Everyday Life

Compressed air as we know it powers your business, runs equipment and provides you with another energy source you rely on to make things happen.

There are other uses for compressed air – on a smaller scale, perhaps – that affect us outside of your plant nearly every day.

Examples of compressed air at work come as simple as drinking through a straw or a nurse taking a blood sample.

Filling a flat tire, stoking a fire, or an artist using an airbrush are three more simple examples.

Can you think of more?

Paintball has become a bit of a recreational trend- and the guns used as combatants face off are, at their heart, little air compressors fueled by compressed air cartridges.

Divers fill tanks with compressed air to allow them to stay underwater for extended periods of time.

Here’s a use you may not have thought of, that provides long, restful sleep for some people who may not get that slumber without compressed air.

Sleep apnea affects a large number of people, it’s a condition where a person’s airway becomes blocked during sleep.  The treatment involves a machine (called a CPAP) that takes air from the room, pressurizes it, and provides a constant flow of air to the sleeper that keeps the airway from closing. Think of the air flow, metered and adjusted by a sleep professional, as sort of a “pneumatic splint.”

This is, quite literally, a potentially life-saving use of compressed air. Former NFL star Reggie White’s death was at least partially caused by sleep apnea.

There are many more uses of compressed air outside of your facility and while your use is surely on a larger scale, don’t lose sight of the importance compressed air plays in our everyday lives.  From filling a tire, using a pneumatic nail gun or providing peaceful night for people who are eluded by sleep – compressed air absolutely makes our lives better.

As for your uses for compressed air – we can help you keep your system up and running, or get you operating on a state-of-the-art system in no time at all.

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