Compressed Air Options

At its most basic, an air compressor is actually pretty simple. A main unit, some piping, and a tank and you’re in business.

Of course, we know the system is a little more complicated than that, and you have the ability to accessorize your system based on the specific needs of your facility.

Let’s start with a Variable Frequency Drive. Available for rotary contact cooled systems and oil-free machines, this is a stand-alone option that is easy to install and maintain. The drive allows you to match the compressor’s output to your required capacity at any given time.  It saves energy and can reduce your plant’s noise level.

Closed loop and evaporating cooling systems can drastically minimize water and sewer utility costs while easily meeting your temperature requirements.

Ingersoll Rand receiver tanks range in size from 80 to 8000 gallons and can reduce your compressed air production by storing air until you need it.  They do require some extra maintenance and upkeep, but if your facility does not require constant flow, a tank may be just what the technician ordered.

If you don’t monitor usage correctly, a compressed air system can waste up to 60% of the energy used to operate it.  An automation system allows your team to schedule when your units run, or don’t run.  This eliminates unnecessary compressed air production, reducing your costs and allowing your system and your facility to operate much more efficiently.

Oil and moisture are the enemy, but sometimes they do get into your system.  When they do, a condensate separator segregates oil and water and absorbs the lubricants, allowing you to safely and properly dispose of both compressed air by-products.

Finally, a compressed air quality alert system is critical to your operation if you require air of a particular quality. This system continually monitors your system pressure, dewpoint and quality and alerts you of any anomalies.

Accessories can help your compressed air system run more efficiently, more safely and at its peak.  If you have any questions about which accessories can best improve your current system, or the one you are about to install, so not hesitate to contact us at (866) 413-8077.

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