Compressed Air Safety

compressorYour air compressor just sits there, doing its job pumping out the compressed air that helps keep your shop humming.  A little daily maintenance and some regular checkups and all is well, right?

Not exactly. Like any industrial tool, there are some safety considerations to be aware of- and not only for the health and well-being of your staff, but for the machinery as well.

Being aware of some of the potential hazards can prevent your compressor from being needlessly damaged.

For example, be aware of any rust on the compressor’s tank. This compromises the integrity of the tank itself and it could rupture (at best) or combust (at worst). Rusty tanks must be immediately replaced.

Make sure your workplace is well-ventilated.  Compressor intake air contains pollutants like carbon monoxide that can be hazardous.

If your compressor is built to be in indoor unit, keep it that way. Exposing it to the elements is a terrible idea.

Make sure your compressor is plugged in to an outlet with proper grounding.  If the outlet isn’t grounded correctly the electronics inside the unit could be damaged and it could cause a fire.

When you’re connecting your tools to the system, make sure they are connected tightly.  Loose fittings can affect the performance of the tool, and cause injury.

Make sure your shut-off valves are within reach and that your staff knows where the valve is. Hoses and other loose parts should be fitted with “whip-inhibiting” devices to keep loose hoses from thrashing around. Sounds silly, but it happens.

Regular checkups and maintenance can prevent a lot of accidents from happening, and as we mention over and over again, they can extend the life of your unit.

As always, we have people here who know air compressors backwards and forwards and can walk you through the process of keeping your workspace as safe as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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