Energy Recovery

American companies are losing billions of dollars in lost energy due to wasted energy costs. This likely includes your company.

New air compressor models do a tremendous job at increasing energy efficiency but still, only about 15% of the energy created by the compressor system is actually delivered as compressed air. The remaining energy is expelled as hot air.

During compression, air is heated to more than 300 degrees. That heat must be extracted from the air before it is delivered into your facility. Potentially, depending on your heat recovery efforts, you could recapture as much as 94% of that energy for use in other area of your operation.

During cold season, that heated air can be repurposed and redirected to other parts of your operation to heat your facility. This is an extremely efficient way to heat your buildings and can result in a savings of thousands of dollars in your annual heating bills.

In a water-cooled compressor, once the water has done its job, that heated water can be repurposed throughout your facility to preheat water used in your operation – offsetting the energy normally used in this process. This, also, can result in thousands of dollars a year in savings.

Ideally, your previously-installed compressor system already has an integrated heat-capture system. If it doesn’t, consider adding one to your system today. The cost of augmenting your compressor system with a heat-collection system can be easily justified with an energy audit, and that new collection system can pay for itself in no time in reduced energy costs.

You may be sitting on a gold mine of hot air. Take a few minutes and contact our expert technicians at (866) 413-8077 to find out how our energy cost reduction systems can help your faculty save money in the years to come.

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