Rules for Air Compressor Valves and Hoses

compressor-valve-hose-safetyLike any industrial tool, there are do’s and don’ts- hard and fast rules that must be followed at all times to not only make sure the equipment is functioning at its peak, but to make sure everyone involved directly with the gear (and the gear itself) remains safe.

Here are the Top 5 Hard and Fast Air Compressor Valve and Hose Rules:

  1. Never alter or install a safety relief valve with a higher pressure rating than what it’s connected to. This, like most safety precautions, is just common sense.
  2. Check your hoses regularly and make sure you are never employing deteriorated, frayed or damaged hoses. Make sure hoses are never stored or racked near heat sources or direct sunlight over extended periods of time. Hose failures are a major source of injury. Hose reels decrease the chance of injury, and can make your hoses last longer and keep them in good condition.
  3. Never crimp compressor hoses in an attempt to stop the flow of air. Always use the valves along the path of the air, or in an extreme emergency cut off the air at the compressor.
  4. When the compressor is in use, always make sure the open end of the hose is held securely. Free hose ends can whip around drastically and cause injury. Check your hoses for blockages and open valves carefully to make sure any blockages will be expelled cautiously.
  5. Finally, protect the workers around the hoses. Always wear ear protection and goggles. When using compressed air for cleaning equipment, make sure the pressure does not exceed 30psi. NEVER apply compressed air to the skin or even point it at another person. Even low pressures can cause serious injury. NEVER use a compressed air hose to clean dirt from your clothing while you are wearing them.

This list just scratches the surface of the safety rules set forth by OSHA in relation to compressed air.  Got questions? Fire away.  Our technicians know just how to keep your facility operating at full steam, while keeping your staff perfectly safe.

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