Compressor Timer Drains

Consider your condensate drain.  It’s possibly the most overlooked element in your compressed air system, yet arguably among the top three most important parts of your compressed air system.

Regardless of how much you have spent for your system, aa few dollars smore for an efficient, reliable drain can make or break your compressor.

We have covered, at some length, the importance of removing moisture and water from your system.  Moisture is the enemy.  Drains must be monitored and maintained, kept free of debris, and sometimes manually opened and closed.

That’s correct, much of the time your drain must be opened and closed by an actual technician.

Unless you have opted for a drain with a timer.

Timer drains are popular because they don’t require someone to babysit them. They’re inexpensive, reliable and easy to install. They come standard on smaller refrigerated systems, and can be set to open and close at specific intervals.

Maintenance?  As simple as running the occasional manual test, making sure it’s plugged in, and regularly clearing the intake strainer.

Here’s the issue with timed drains, though: It’s easy to set them to open but not always long enough to drain all the water from the system. Keeping them open for too long can waste compressed air and cost you money. Oil trapped in the moisture can emulsify and wreak all kinds of havoc inside your compressed air system.

Moisture in your system can contaminate the air you are using and affect your tools and the overall performance of your facility. Drains are an important part of your system, and you will need to investigate how your system is performing, how much moisture is collecting and how long it may take to drain the water before you decide if a timed drain is right for you.

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