Condensate Drain Maintenance

You work hard to maintain your compressed air system, but don’t forget your drains.

When the weather gets humid, like it’s about to, your air compressor system works overtime removing moisture from the air it sends through your facility. This moisture has to go somewhere, and since it’s not necessarily squeaky clean, it can leave some gunk behind- necessitating some care and maintenance.

If you pay attention to your system and administer the proper routine maintenance your drain will be squeaky clean and the condensate will… well… drain away.

Leave your drain unattended for a period of time, however, and you could develop some problems.

It will start with particles, dust and dirt, that will sink to the bottom of your tank and eventually clog your drain.  Regular maintenance and draining of your tank will keep your drain clean and your compressed air as moisture-free as you wish.

The good news here is, there are several ways to remove moisture from your tanks.

A manual valve needs to be opened and closed by someone at a pre-determined time, and for the right amount of time, to allow condensation to drain out and restrict the loss of compressed air in the tank.

Mechanical float traps are tailor-made for large operations with regularly scheduled strictly-adhered-to maintenance routines. These open and close when needed to drain liquids but can occasionally stick in the open or closed position- hence the need for regular check-ups.

Timed drain valves can be set to open and closed at specific times. They need filters or strainers to prevent contaminants from obstructing intake and discharge points.

Maybe the most reliable method of draining a tank is a zero-loss trap. They use electronic solenoids, or ball valves to maintain a pre-determined acceptable level of condensate.

Whatever you decide is best for your operation, it’s important to deal with your condensate in short order.  As we’ve established in this blog, moisture is the enemy.

If you have any questions about what drain mechanism may be best for your operation, do not hesitate to contact us at (866) 413-8077.

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