Dealing with Dirty Compressed Air

Fresh air. It rejuvenates and invigorates, and it’s still pretty dirty.

Ambient air may seem clean, but compression can cause even the freshest air to require filtering.

Get this: compressing ambient air to 100psi increases the contaminants by a whopping 800%.  All that dirt and oil in the air going through your compressor will need to be addressed.

Dirt and other particles in your compressed air can cause a lot of damage to your compressor, your tools and your equipment. That air moving at a fast rate turns even the smallest particles into projectiles that can wreak havoc in your facility.

As always, regular maintenance of your compressor is an absolute necessity- follow your operator’s manual for the basics, and inspect and replace filters regularly.  Consider having filters installed throughout your system if the ambient air is particularly dirty or gritty.

The cost of adding filters to your system and regularly replacing those filters may seem daunting initially, but compare that to the damage dirty air can cause and suddenly that regular maintenance doesn’t seem so bad.

The damage is one thing, but if the compressor gets dirty enough, or the lubricant gets thick with grime, and your whole compressor could shut down, and we don’t have to tell you what that means.  A shut-down is your worst-case scenario and you want to avoid that at all cost.

The good news here is that replacing filters is not particularly complicated and you should be able to manage that with your own technicians.

As always, if you have any questions about how much dirt in your air is too much, or how you can best and most efficiently remove that dirt- give our technicians a ring at (866) 413-8077. We can help you clean things up and keep your facility running at peak form.

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