Dealing with Grease and your Air Compressor

Grease, as you may remember, is the word. It’s also the time, and the place, and the motion. It will also keep your air compressor running smoothly.

Your air compressor motor needs lubrication to run – but not too much! The difficulty here is that for every make or model of compressor, there may be a different requirement when it comes to greasing the bearings on your motor.

Before you even think about greasing your bearings, check with the manufacturer specs to see what is required.  Be very careful, because over-greasing your bearing can cause problems, too. More on that in a moment.

To determine how much, or even IF your motor needs an injection of grease, as yourself if the bearings are even reachable. Adding grease to a sealed motor can damage the bearings and the motor.

See if you can determine what type of grease is currently being used in the motor.  Do your best to match it. Believe it or not, all grease is not made equal.  Marrying one type of grease with a type its not compatible with can cause a shut-down.

Try to determine how much grease is already in the motor.  Too much grease causes the compressor motor to work too hard, pressing the excess grease around the bearings and causing increased energy usage.  This is bad.

What is the RPM of the motor and how long does it actually run? You may find that the amount of grease in your motor currently will last you a good long time.

Again, follow your manufacturers specifications to the letter, here.  Freelancing because you feel like the motor must need more lubricant is dangerous and can result in a lengthy, expensive shut-down.

Contact our experts and technicians if you have any questions about lubricants, grease, and your air compressors.

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